Cold Brew

Cold Brew

Have you tried making cold tea? This method, although consuming a little more time, allows you to bring completely new flavors to tea.

If you think that tea can not surprise you with anything, then make sure you try to prepare it using the cold preparation method - an excellent alternative to traditional preparation. The infusion obtained in this way, in addition to being more delicate, can surprise you with a full range of different flavors. Cold brewing literally means brewing using cold water, not brewing tea with hot water and cooling in the refrigerator.

Put the envelope in a container and pour over cold water or even ice, then put it in the fridge or other cool place. Also, for the express mode, open a bottle of water, put a tea bag inside (for every 250ml of liquid), close and put in the fridge. The tea should remain in the refrigerator for 2 to 6 hours. In this way we will prepare a soft drink (packaged), which will be much healthier than the so-called ICE TEA with ice on store shelves.

Why is it worth preparing the drink by this method?

When we pour cold water over tea we get a much more delicate infusion, in which you do not feel bitterness - under the influence of cold water, most of the tannins responsible for the bitter taste remain in the leaves, and the flowers or fruit ranges come to the fore. This method of preparation also means that the infusion has a lower caffeine content, ie tea theine and catechins.

The preparation method has the best effect in summer, in warm weather, when the body needs constant hydration. Tea made in this way will not only quench your thirst, but will also invigorate you and give you energy.

Which teas are best for this method?

You can go further and experiment in this area, but it is worth knowing that it will be perfect especially for green teas and mixtures with fruits, flowers or spices. While hot water somewhat suppresses such flavors, cold cooking will accentuate them perfectly. It can be proved that the tea we have known for a long time, prepared with this method, will surprise us with a completely different taste. Among the black teas, we can recommend e.g. Darjeeling. We can also prepare in this way mixtures that do not contain tea, e.g. fruit infusions from the Fruit Infusions series.

Basilur has developed the Cold Brew range as a quick and convenient way to enjoy freshly brewed tea or even a hot cup of fruit tea. The tea bag is prepared in cold water in just a few minutes - no boiling water is needed. Without the addition of sugar or sweeteners, they are an excellent alternative to soft drinks.

Our range includes carefully selected fruits, herbs and flavors - providing the perfect cold summer drink for the whole family. Unlike standard tea bags, each of these blends has been specially designed to be infused with cold water in just 5-7 minutes. The concentrated aroma of the extract is released when soaked in cold water, helping to infuse a bold and fragrant infusion in minutes. In each box you will find 20 tea bags packed each in foil to preserve the flavors, which means you can be sure that each infusion has a delicious fruity taste. · Purpose: New experience of making a tea bag with COLD water and also high quality and unique fruit infusion blends

Embossed packaging, exotic ingredients (guava, passion fruit, cucumber, pomegranate, mango). Among the advantages of this new collection are the following:

It is consumed both as a cold prepared drink, type ICE TEA, and as a hot infusion of fruit. They are prepared cold without hot water and are an alternative to soft drinks. Ideal for lovers of fruit infusions, consumers looking for a quick preparation, consumers who want to enjoy a cup of tea even when they do not have access to hot water.

All products in this collection contain only natural ingredients. They do not contain sugars or sweeteners and include a careful selection of fruits, plants and natural flavors, offering a cold drink, perfect for a hot summer, for the whole family. From a box with 20 sachets (40g) you can prepare 20 glasses / 20 cups of 250 ml with soft drink - infusion of fruits and plants.

At home, or at outdoor outings, it can be prepared with the addition of ice cubes and fresh fruit, or with mineral water to obtain a wonderful drink, an alternative to carbonated drinks with sugar.

Do not forget that in our online store you will find a huge selection of various teas of the highest quality, which together with Cold Brew are (in turn) perfect for cold preparation.

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