Earl Grey small dozes


Black Ceylon BOPF 100% tea with bergamot oil. Earl Gray tea has a wonderful aroma with a delicate hint of citrus.

Sachets packed separately, full aroma in each cup. Number of sachets - 10 items; Net weight : 20g

Composition: black Ceylon tea (98.25%) with a natural addition of bergamot aroma (1.75%)

Country of origin : Sri Lanka

Genre : BOPF (Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings)

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Black Tea:
The most popular type of tea. It undergoes a long production process. The basic stages are: wilting, rolling, fermenting and drying. Flavor values ​​are determined by such factors as: the country of origin of the tea, plantation, time of harvest or degree of wilting.

Ceylon black teas are considered the best in the world. Carefully selected upper leaves from the bushes give the brew a recommendation for connoisseurs.

Brewing method:
Pour a teaspoon of hot water at 95 degrees Celsius (white boiling water; non-boiling hot), brew in two ways:
- With a short brewing time of up to 3 minutes, the brew is refreshing and stimulating.
- With a brewing time of up to 5 minutes, it gives an infusion with a relaxing effect.

Brewing too long causes astringent taste.

Black tea leaves are only suitable for one infusion.


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