Christmas & New Year Collection

Christmas & New Year Collection

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Christmas House


Since its first creation in the year of 1706, tea room concept continued to be a long tradition in the history of tea. Around the world, the term "tea house" or "tea room" used to refer to a restaurant or Salon de Thé. Enjoy this extensive tradition with a unique blend of 100% Pure Ceylon black tea enhanced with essence of Christmas ingredients.

100% Pure Ceylon black, long leaf teas with fruits, herbs and flavour.

Ingredients: WHITE & RED CORNFLOWER with MARZIPAN (Vanilla, Lemon, Orange) flavoring.

Net Weight: 100g  Product code: 70275-00

Music Concert Christmas


Probably the first ever tea pack in the form of a 'Music Caddy' !!! Just wind up the caddy and enjoy different tones of new year music while the water is boiling for the favourite cuppa!

100% Pure Ceylon black leafy tea with natural fruits, flowers and flavours.
100g leaf/loose tea

Present Gold


Enjoy the exquisite flavour of Basilur PRESENT range. The GOLD of Ceylon - an intriguing blend which is a mélange of pure Ceylon Leafy teas, exotic flower petals and so much more to give it an exquisite taste that lingers on your palate. An excellent seasonal gift which will cheer up your festive mood with an aromatic and romantic experience.

100g metal tin caddy

Tea Book vol. V


Basilur celebrates a White Christmas by presenting this Tea Book specially designed to be enjoyed in this festive season. A tea which is meant for giving, sharing and to dream by the fire of a Winter Wonderland. A perfect gift to share the joys of Christmas.

A fine quality 100% Pure Ceylon black leafy teas with wolfberry, safflower and a combination of flavours – a red tea blend for the Christmas season!

100g loose/leafy tea