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Rooibos Peach & Apricot


Rooibos cu aromă de caise și piersici, mere 2%, Hibiscus până la 2%, 2% măceșe, coajă de portocală 2%

Rooibos este o sursă naturală de antioxidanți. Nu conține cofeină. Intareste sistemul imunitar. Are un efect benefic asupra întregului sistem digestiv și a sistemului nervos.

Coaja de portocala conține cantități mari de pectină, care scad pofta de mâncare, accelereaa arderea grasimilor, regleaza eliberarea zahărului în sânge. Ajută la funcționarea corectă a sistemului digestiv.

Ceaiul este ambalat în pungute de ceai/saculeti individuali. Fiecare pachet conține 20 de pungute ambalate individual, fiecare avand 1,5 grame de ceai.

Instrucțiuni de preparare:

La 250 ml de apa fiarta la 100° se foloseste un pliculet de ceai și se lasă la infuzat timp de 3-5 minute.

Produs în Sri Lanka.

Sleep Well


Fall in to an enchanting dream world of blissful sleep with Tipson’s special blend of natural herbs. Natural chamomile is an ancient ingredient, which is known to facilitate relaxation and sleep, and relieve insomnia and stress. All the natural ingredients have been carefully blended to help you relax, unwind and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Natural camomile, lemon grass, thulsi, ginseng and nutmeg.

Thyme Tea Refill


Ceai negru de pe coastele joase ale Ceylonului. Frunze lungi BOP1 in amestec cu cimbru.

Basilur prezintă un amestec unic de ceai fin al Ceylonului cu cimbru natural. Aromele robuste ale ceaiului negru se întrepatrund cu gustul și aroma delicată ale cimbrului oferind un preparat excepțional. Cimbrul, cunoscut pentru proprietățile sale antiseptice conține vitamine și minerale esențiale pentru bunăstarea generală, este o sursă excelentă de vitamina C, precum și o bună sursă de fier, mangan, cupru și fibre, iar  combinația extraordinară cu proprietățile anti-oxidante ale ceaiului negru de Ceylon sunt un mod perfect de a începe ziua.

Greutate neta 75gr

Gen: BOP1 (Broken Orange Pekoe 1)

Virgin Nature - Calm Down


Blend of chamomile, lavender flowers, jasmine flakes, vanilla and sage leaves and basil. Net weight : 20x1.2g sachet. = 24g

For centuries we have known how to calm the mind by brewing aromatic herbs. Brewing a soothing infusion of chamomile and other natural ingredients (ie jasmine, vanilla, sage leaves and basil) will help you with insomnia.

An excellent scent will calm your body and mind and the action of the brew will allow you to regain total body balance.

Net weight : 20x1.2g sachet. = 24g

Virgin Nature - Cheer Up


Natural apple, hibiscus, rosehip shells and rose petals, natural blackberry leaves, lemongrass, rosemary leaves, sage leaves, grapefruit peel, orange peel and tangerine peel, and natural flavours of mandarin & orange.

Full of Antioxidants and packed with vitamins, enriched with vitamin C and other healing properties, this brew will help in keeping you well and balanced, giving your body the natural ability to maintain blood pressure levels.This natural brew is a " caffeine-free" way of adding strength and energy to get through your busy everyday lifestyle.

Net Weight : 20 piramid x 2g = 40g

Virgin Nature - Deep Breath


100% Herbal Tea. Natural spearmint and peppermint leaves. Rich in antioxidants and heart healthy flavonoids. Container of 20 tea bags, great for home use or food-service industries.

These natural infusions will make you feel energized after a long day and help you fall asleep calmly.

A natural infusion of mint blends to help eliminate toxins and fight harmful bacteria. A cup of this infusion will help cure asthma, breathing problems and digestion, making you feel light and relaxed. These natural infusions will make you feel energized after a long day and help you fall asleep calmly. Ideal for heating.

Net weight: 20 pyramid x 1.3g = 26g

Virgin Nature - Free Your Mind


Mixture of peppermint leaves with peppermint, cardamom, lemon peel, lemon verbena, bergamot, basil leaves and coriander. 

This refreshing drink will help you digest food after heavy meals. Mint is considered to be a great addition to chocolate in the Western world, and a cup of this brew is perfect to try with a slice of chocolate cake at any time. A great way to start or end the day with a refreshing infusion of bergamot

Net weight : 20x1.5g sachet. = 30g

Virgin Nature - Hot Beats


A mixture of green tea with rooibos tea, with the addition of purée, jasmine, ginger and chilli peppers. 

Get a refreshing trip through Africa, where Rooibos has been used for centuries to keep the immune system in top condition. This infusion will be an ideal way to relieve flu symptoms. Delicate spices will keep your immune system under control and the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger will make you feel fresh and energetic. An ideal way to warm up at any time of the day.

Net Weight : 20 piramid x 2g = 40g

Virgin Nature - Spice Up


Green Tea, Yarrow, Lemon Grass, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Peppermint, Pineapple and Lime. 20x1.5g sachet. = 30g

The ancient tropical ingredients mix with refreshing green tea, inspired by South Asian flavors. This mildly brewed tea will help in digestion. Ideal after dinner or after lunch. The flavors complement one another. The infusion is ideal for drinking both warm and cold.

Net weight : 20x1.5g sachet. = 30g

Virgin Nature - Stress Release


Blend of chamomile, mint leaf, blackberry leaf, with natural honey flavor

Incredible blend of natural ingredients: chamomile, mint leaves, blackberry leaves and natural honey aroma. This wonderful brew is perfect to instill every meal and help digestion. The vitamins and nutrients of each natural ingredient will help you feel joy and positive energy. This drink is ideal to feed it warm and cold at any time of the day.

Net weight : 20x2g sachet. = 24g

Virgin Nature - Take a Break


A mixture of thyme, orange blossom, medicinal melon, camomile and fennel

Thyme, which is the main ingredient in this potion, is a herb used for centuries as a natural remedy for many ailments. This brew will help you get rid of congestion in your nose and throat, giving you the feeling of relief from colds and flu. This infusion is a great way to strengthen your immune system during cooler weather.

Net weight : 20x1,2g sachet. = 24g