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Black Tea

Black Tea

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Autumn Tea


Just before flowers buries in snow, there comes a festive season when nature is all aglow. As Maple leaves turn brilliant red in Fall, Basilur Leaf of Ceylon swirl into “Autumn Tea” with world's finest Ceylon black tea, complimented with a tantalizing taste of Maple. Together, they release a calming aroma and smooth taste reminiscent of a delicious feast.

100% Pure Ceylon black, long leaf teas from the lower elevations (low grown) of Ceylon with herbs & flavour.

Ingredients: SAFFLOWER with MAPLE flavoring

Net Weight: 100g  Product code: 71205

Ceylon FBOP


The Japanese garden of stones is one of the most inexplicable phenomena for the Europeans. Main principles of its creation are harmonious balance, originality and asymmetry. „Basilur Tea” gives you a small Japanese Garden of Stones that will take you through ancient, traditions of the East. 100% Pure Ceylon FBOP Extra Special tippy teas are uniquely offered in this caddy of stone.

100% Pure Ceylon black, long leaf teas with 'tips'.

Net Weight: 100g 

Chest of Berries


100% Pure Ceylon black leaf tea, natural papaya, wolfberry & berberries, natural cornflower and flavours berberries.

100g Loose/leaf tea

Christmas House


Since its first creation in year 1706, tea room concept continued to be a long tradition in the history of tea. Around the world, the term "tea house" or "tea room" used to refer to a restaurant or Salon de Thé. Enjoy this extensive tradition with a unique blend of 100% Pure Ceylon black tea enhanced with essence of Christmas ingredients.

100% Pure Ceylon black, long leaf teas with fruits, herbs and flavour.

Ingredients: WHITE & RED CORNFLOWER with MARZIPAN( Vanilla, Lemon, Orange) flavoring

Net Weight: 100g  Product code: 70275-00

Christmas Tea


A new version of the 'new year's Tea' caddy enjoyed by many - 100% Pure Ceylon black leafy tea with natural fruits, flowers and flavours.

100g leaf/loose tea

Collection No.1


An assortment of two Bouquet teas - Green Freshness / White Magic and two Magic Fruits - Strawberry and Kiwi / Raspberry and Rosehip to make this your favourite choice of purchase when it comes to fine, quality green teas Pure combined in just a single pack.

As assortment of 100% pure Chinese green tea and Chinese green tea with natural fruits and flavours.

32 Foil sachets with double chamber teabags x 2g in metal tin caddy.