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Ceylon Fruits & Flowers

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Citrus Tea / Green Tea


Top tin - Far exceeding the usual, Basilur Citrus Tea is an ultra-premium tea, perfectly blended with natural papaya, pineapple and rose & marigold petals to give it a robust and elegant flavour. This is a connoisseur‟s perfect cuppa.

Bottom tin - Basilur Green Tea is a fragrant infusion with an exquisite taste that lingers on your palate. This fine quality tea leaf is flawlessly crafted to bring out the full flavour along with its exotic fragrance and a smooth elegant taste of pure Ceylon tea.


Net Weight: 125g 

English Rose / Dimbula


Rose tea is preferred for its aroma as its name may suggest and with the addition of rose petals means a lighter and more subtle taste, with a hint of sweetness and a stronger aroma. This combination creates a mesmerizing tea blend which offers an aroma that feels like you just received a dozen of roses from a loved one.From the misty mountains of Ceylon's western slopes comes this exquisite leaf. Traditionally known as Ceylon's answer to a perfect English tea, Basilur Dimbula tea is a golden colour with a delicate flavour and unique bouquet to make this one of the world's finest.

125g metal tin caddy

Jasmine Tea / Green Tea


With pure Ceylon green tea as the base, this is an amazing combination of flavor and aroma of jasmine flower petals. This produces a sweet cup with a light and lingering scent of fresh jasmine flowers.

A healthy and refreshing green tea with a light and soothing cup. Smooth and mild, this brew can be consumed all day through. 100% Pure Ceylon green tea at its best.

Ingredients: CJASMINE BUDS with JASMINE flavoring

Net Weight: 125g