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Bouquet Assorted


Patru ceaiuri asortate din gama Bouquet (Green Freshness / Cream Fantasy / Sencha Green / White Magic), cate 8 pliculete din fiecare.

Ambalaj: 32 de pliculete ambalate individual (plic in plic) x 1,5g in cutie metalica tip carte.

Oferă-i persoanei dragi un cadou frumos, acest ceai este perfect pentru asta. Un ambalaj minunat sub formă de carte, care conține ceai de cea mai înaltă calitate.

Greutate netă: 48g

Compozitie: SENCHA - 100% ceai verde Ceylon fara aditivi. CREAM FANTASY - Ceai verde de Ceylon (95%) cu arome naturale de căpșuni (3%) și vanilie (2%). GREEN FRESHNESS - Ceai verde de Ceylon (88%) cu frunze de mentă (12%). WHITE MAGIC - un amestec de ceaiuri oolong (96%) cu aroma naturală a laptelui (4%)

Țara de origine: Sri Lanka

Gen: FNGS (Fannings) / OOLONG

Frosty Afternoon - 20 dozes


Black tea, mountain Ceylon tea with a hint of passion fruit and orange.

Basilur Frosty will allow you to sit down with your family and friends on a cold evening with a warm cup of this delicious tea.

Separately wrapped sachets, full aroma in each cup.

Number of sachets - 20 pcs.

Net weight : 40g

Ingredients: Ceylon black tea (96.50%) with a natural addition of passion fruit (1.5%) and orange (2%)

Country of Origin : Sri Lanka

Genre : BOPF (Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings)

Fruit Shop refill


Ceylon black tea with the addition of papaya fruit, raisins, mango and pineapple, with natural orange peel and a hint of orange and mandarin. Great taste and original packaging in the form of a house.

Ingredients: Ceylon black leaf tea (68%), papaya (10%), raisins (8%), mango (4%), pineapple (4%), orange peel (3%) and orange flavor (1.5%) and mandarins (1.5%).

Net weight : 100g

Country of Origin : Sri Lanka

Grade : BOP1 (Broken Orange Pekoe 1)

Package dimensions:  8.5 x 5 x 8 

Music Concert Circus


Cutie muzicala cu ceai negru pur de Ceylon

Ingrediente: ceai negru (frunze) pur de Ceylon, papaya, struguri, albastrele, galbenele si aroma de vanilie si migdale

Melodie cutie muzicala: Baby Elephant Walk

Cutie metalica 100 g.

Music Concert London


Dark Chocolate with a hint of Earl Grey. This Gift box truly defines London. The Carousel plays " London bridge is falling down" when twisted.

Ingredients : 100% Pure Ceylon black tea, natural red cornflower and amaranth, and flavors of chocolate and bergamot.

Tin caddy 100g

Music Concert Pets


Wind up and listen to the tunes of the season while you relax until the water boils to make your favorite cup of tea.

100% Pure Ceylon black leaf tea, natural mango, pineapple & strawberry, natural cornflower and flavours strawberry & cream.

100g Loose/leaf tea