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Chest of Berries


100% Pure Ceylon black leaf tea, natural papaya, wolfberry & berberries, natural cornflower and flavours berberries.

100g Loose/leaf tea

Christmas House


Since its first creation in year 1706, tea room concept continued to be a long tradition in the history of tea. Around the world, the term "tea house" or "tea room" used to refer to a restaurant or Salon de Thé. Enjoy this extensive tradition with a unique blend of 100% Pure Ceylon black tea enhanced with essence of Christmas ingredients.

100% Pure Ceylon black, long leaf teas with fruits, herbs and flavour.

Ingredients: WHITE & RED CORNFLOWER with MARZIPAN( Vanilla, Lemon, Orange) flavoring

Net Weight: 100g  Product code: 70275-00

Christmas Tea


A new version of the 'new year's Tea' caddy enjoyed by many - 100% Pure Ceylon black leafy tea with natural fruits, flowers and flavours.

100g leaf/loose tea

Legends Ancient Ceylon


Ceylon, a land with a history that spans several millennia, a land which witnessed battles between great kings and warriors, a land which stood through many civilizations. An exotic island which for thousands of years bore the fruits of many trees on its rich soils. This rapturous history, the ancient vibrant culture and the modern day spirit of this magnificent island are all blended into this finest Ceylon black tea presented to you by Basilur.

100% Pure Ceylon black leaf tea, no additives.

100g Loose/leaf tea

Legends Celestial Empire


China is a land where the great Chinese Emperor and herbalist "Shennong" discovered a refreshing herb, which he has called the tea, while he was on an expedition. Since the discovery of this great and noble herb Chinese tea culture has evolved to be a ceremonial affair of status, class and social standing. Now Basilur brings this ceremonial Chinese green tea which depicts the history of a tradition still practiced in the celestial Chinese empire to modern tea table enabling you to be part of the roots of tea history.

Chinese Green leaf tea with natural Jasmine petals

100g Loose/leaf tea

Legends Earl Grey


Basilur presents Earl Grey, a distinct part of the English tea culture, which bears many old tales. Rich Ceylon tea leaves blended with sweet citrusy bergamot flavour derives from the early 1800s. As many tales have been told and re-told on the beginnings of this exquisite marriage of ingredients, this exceptional blend of tea is a favourite amongst many tea connoisseurs across the world. Basilur re-creates this master blend with Ceylon's finest tea allowing you to enjoy the magic of the first flavoured tea.

100% Pure Ceylon black leaf tea, natural pineapple, natural marigold and conflower with Bergamot flavour.

100g Loose/leaf tea

Legends Tower of London


Tower of London which speaks of ancient history, pre and post world war eras where Kings and Queens used this magnificent castle to rule their land and affect the whole world. A bygone era where English cultures were being formed, where every act was of royal status and followed by the commoners, an era where Ceylon tea taken in the afternoon was a part of the royal traditions. Taking you to those noble times and celebrating the old English traditions, Basilur presents you this rich Ceylon black tea which adorned the royal tea traditions.

100% Pure Ceylon black leaf tea, no additives.

100g Loose/leaf tea