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Music Concert

Music Concert

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Music Concert Christmas


Probably the first ever tea pack in the form of a 'Music Caddy' !!! Just wind up the caddy and enjoy different tones of new year music while the water is boiling for the favourite cuppa!

100% Pure Ceylon black leafy tea with natural fruits, flowers and flavours.
100g leaf/loose tea

Music Concert London


Dark Chocolate with a hint of Earl Grey. This Gift box truly defines London. The Carousel plays " London bridge is falling down" when twisted.

Ingredients : 100% Pure Ceylon black tea, natural red cornflower and amaranth , and flavours chocolate and bergamot.

Tin caddy 100g

Music Concert Wedding


100% ceai negru pur de Ceylon cu mango, caise si struguri, boboci de iasomie, arome de mar si piersica.

Cutie muzicala metalica, 100 g.

Music Concert Pets


Wind up and listen to the tunes of the season while you relax until the water boils to make your favorite cup of tea.

100% Pure Ceylon black leaf tea, natural mango, pineapple & strawberry, natural cornflower and flavours strawberry & cream.

100g Loose/leaf tea