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40 dozes

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Vintage Blossom Assorted 40E


Basilur presents this enchanting collection of Pure Ceylon black and green teas with delectable natural flavors to elevate your regular cup of tea. 


JASMINE DREAM - Pure Ceylon black tea with natural flavor jasmine, 

PASSION TROPICA - Pure Ceylon green tea (84.5%) with chamomile flower (9%), stevia leaves (2.5%), and natural flavor passion fruit,

ROSE FANTASY - Pure Ceylon green tea (79.5%) with flower rose ( 5%), stevia leaves (2.5%), beetroot and natural rose flavor,

CITRUSS BLISS - Pure Ceylon black tea (84%) with chamomile flower (9%), turmeric (3.5%), and natural mandarin (tangerine) flavor. 

10 Paper/foil envelopes x 4 types (40 bags) packed into a cardboard gift box.